Executive Chef Denise Roa

Chef Denise Roa


A message from Executive Chef Denise Roa

Welcome to La Cocina Que Canta and Tres Estrellas, our organic farm! I’m honored and grateful to have this opportunity to cook and teach in one of the world’s most beautiful cooking schools. Better yet, a world-class organic farm greets us each morning with new wonders, all only steps from our door.

Throughout my career I have been a teacher of culinary students in professional academies, and worked in many positions in San Diego’s finest restaurants. I’ve also owned my own restaurant. But nothing compares to this! I believe that many people have forgotten or never experienced what food can taste like in-season and at its peak of freshness. Great cooking does not have to be complicated. Ingredients—if they are the best—do not need to be enhanced by cream, butter or salt.

Most important, I believe that the food we eat dictates the way we feel. Organic, healthful meals enhance our energy. Great flavors allow us to enjoy food more… while actually eating less. And great teachers inspire us to explore a wide and wonderful world of healthful eating.

Join me—as well as the guest chefs we have invited for your week—to experience how to cook great meals that are simple, nutritious, world-class in flavor and beauty, and equally important…fun!



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